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At Nanocare we strive to develop and distribute products in the healthcare industry which we see as unique and innovative. The products are created and sourced with our key principal of “Science Meets Care” always front of mind.

Nanocare Health Products is Australian owned and operated, with our products being distributed from in Australia.


Nanocare Sanitizer is your ALL IN ONE solution for protecting you and your loved ones using state of the art Quantum Nanosilver technology.

Nanocare is an Alcohol/ethanol free formulation that NOT only KILLS 99.9% of germs and bacteria but keeps killing for up to 30 days, until washed off.

Nanocare is extremely effective as well as


alcohol free


safe for children 

odourless and colourless 

no dry skin or irritation 

non flammable 


medical grade components 

European certified

This fast acting and long-lasting protective sanitiser is a SAFE and POWERFUL solution for hygiene control in today’s world, completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

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